Hey There,
I'm Thomas, Design Engineer, Photographer
I've had a love for creativity for as long as I can remember, from cardboard modelling as a kid through to my latest explorations of 3D printing and experience at Loughborough University. Following my passions has lead me to some amazing experiences, opportunities and people, continuing to drive me every day
This site is a repository of my creative adventures, with some rough categories under which most stuff falls. I now also am putting my work up for sale on redbubble.com, where you can get photographic prints and all manner of other items, from mugs to phone cases. If you want a custom design, or want to contact me about something not currently in the shop, drop me a line or over on redbubble.
If you're interested in inviting me to do photography for your event, check out my photography portfolio on this site and send me a line on the contact page!
I'm also contactable through Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram
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