A sample of engineering innovations I've worked on & led from concept to production.
DigiEye is a non-contact digital colour measurement instrument unique in the colour assessment industry.
I am project manager and design lead for the next generation of DigiEye 700. Development includes camera, electrical, mechanical and software integration, system design, simulation, packaging, and compliance testing alongside project management and market research.
Launching 2024
An innovative textile opacity testing tool co-developed and in use with M&S, Next & Tesco.
I took over design lead after concept design, taking OmniStretch from test rigs past the first production run. I am currently working with a large UK athletic wear brand to further develop OmniStretch's testing applications.
​​​​​​​OmniStretch Product Page
UltraView & VisionView made up the largest product launch for VeriVide since the early 2000's and are a major strand of its product offering.
I was responsible for cost engineering, cutting chassis cost by 50% during prototyping alongside running testing programs, conducting prototype builds and anthropometric studies.
Cube Lighting is a bespoke architectural lighting manufacturer.
As a product designer I took multiple luminaires through development to initial production. I was also responsible for marketing renders, datasheet creation, and layout and design of product catalogues.
During my masters at Loughborough University I developed SL-1, artificial intelligence driven photography lighting 
Designed for enthusiast photographers, SL-1 used AI to predict ideal photography lighting settings from its environment. A mix of auto, semi-auto, and manual modes allow user control with different levels of AI assistance.
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